Supporting Children and Families
About Us - Our History

The organisation was founded as the African Caribbean Family Mediation Service (ACFMS) in November 1994 and was registered as a charity in March 1995. Initially we only offered Mediation in one room in Ferndale Road. Late 1995, we moved into a room in Effra Road Brixton. This black service was started to fill a vacuum in the delivery of family mediation services across London. No other service was based where trained black Mediators took care of the needs of black clients. Slowly but steadily we developed a client base and got clients who came in to sort the issues between themselves and their partners/spouses so that they could make better arrangements for their children.

The Child Contact Centre was started at 2-4 St John’s Crescent, Brixton in 1996 and there was an immediate take up. Our premises were big and spacious and the staff empathetic. Non-resident parents could see their children in a safe environment approved by both parents and the social service.

In 1997, we started Home School Mediation at St John’s crescent. We mediated between pupils who were excluded or on the verge of exclusion, their parents and the school.. This was a very successful venture but funding was for a limited time and was cut back and therefore we have had to operate in the minimum number of schools.

In 1998, all services moved into 2-4 St John’s Crescent and we started the Men’s Counselling Service. This was well taken up as men came in to seek help and recommended others to do the same. Counselling was extended to Youth and then to Women's and our clients have found these services really helpful.

As our clients represent a mix of people living and working in South London and beyond we decided we had to change our name to better reflect the services we offer. In addition to Family Mediation we offer other services as well. On 1st November 2004 we changed our name to the South London Family Centre. Our aim remains to support families and children. Our expertise to deliver these services across cultures is well recognised by the bodies under which we operate: Legal services Commission, National Association of Child Contact Centres and The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. We deliver our services according to the standard set by them and we are audited regularly to ensure this.

In July 2005 we moved to 1 Othello Close Kennington, London SE11 4RE. In September 2005 we started another service, Supervised Child Contact. We are proud of our achievements and hope that in a small way we can help those within our community who need our services.