Supporting Children and Families
Family Breakdown - the Effects

The effects of Families breaking up are different from person to person. You may feel OK about it all; on the other hand you may face difficulties.
Some feelings that you may be able to relate to:

  • You may feel worried and insecure after a family breakdown. Everything you believed to be permanent in your life has suddenly changed.
  • Anxiety can cause - nightmares, low concentration, lack of sleep, loss of appetite, comfort eating amongst others.
  • You may worry about your own future relationships. It may make you become very careful about choosing your future partner. You may also vow never to get married. This is very common in young people who have witnessed their parents split up.
  • Your parents may look for support from you by telling you their problems. If you are uncomfortable with that it is OK to let them know. If you are uncomfortable telling them or not sure how to tell them talk it over with a school counselor.
  • You may feel torn between the two of your parents.
  • You might want to blame one particular person for the break up. This would mean that all your anger is directed at that person. It is hard to be fair when angry and worried in this way.
  • Roles may change in the family; you might have to do some of the things one of your parents used to do like looking after your younger siblings.