Supporting Children and Families

Following are some comments that clients have left for us.

Child Contact

April 07
I have found the centre to be a big help in reintroducing contact between my son and his father. I have found members of staff to be really helpful and friendly. I have also felt comfortable leaving my son with his father in the centre while I deal with my issue of trust, and awkwardness between us and would recommend it to other parents experiencing similar difficulties.

May 07
This contact centre is ok!! In the sense that most people along with the staff at the centre are very friendly. However I do see the centre as a false environment and can restrict you because of the lack of space. I would rather be taking my child out in a normal environment e.g. my house, my family's home etc and just doing everyday things. It's a feeling of being restricted by the mothers, the system, and the law; you are not allowed to do anything except wait, wait patiently for decisions to be made for you.


March 07
“You say you do not have a magic wand, but you have helped me a great deal" (Family dispute)

April 07
I have been involved in court disputes for the last 4/5 years. This mediation service finally offers the opportunity that I and my child's father can achieve some mutually agreed and beneficial contact arrangement and communication channels with the guidance and experience of the mediator present. I cannot overstate the value and importance of this to the quality of life and health of all involved, particularly my daughter. It is a crucial stage in the journey from court dispute to mediation, it involves some forgiveness some healing and very clear thinking and decision making and experience hands in these matters which I sense are very important at SLFC. I urge you to support this very valuable work by continuing to fund them.