Supporting Children and Families
Services- Home and School Mediation

This aims to support children, young people and their families, who are experiencing difficulties with the Educational system.

Home/School Mediation Service started in 1997, it came about as a result of the high level of fixed and permanent exclusion of black children especially boys, parents not knowing what to do and feeling lost within the educational systems, left them feeling vulnerable, stressful, anxious and frustrated about their child/children future.

Our aim is:

  • To successfully steer children & young people through the education system.
  • To contribute towards the reduction in the number of exclusions.
  • To facilitate the resolution of conflicts between pupils, teachers and parents.
  • To improve communication between the home and school by providing a neutral link (mediator).
  • To liaise with other agencies for the benefit of children, young people and families.

All Mediators are professionals from a range of disciplines, including teaching, youth work and counselling.

All our Mediators are fully trained and accredited. We maintain and adhere to the quality framework of the Legal Service Commission.